Monday, November 27, 2017

His Word Today: the widow's mite

Good morning everyone,

We have just celebrated the Solemnity of Christ the King and now we are preparing for Advent - which begins this coming Sunday.  I always love this time of year: we are looking back at the year that has been and looking ahead to the promise of something new.

Perhaps it is fitting that the gospel passage for today places us with Jesus inside the temple where he is watching people coming and going.  As they enter, they are putting money into the temple treasury.  Some of them are making a big deal of this simple gesture so that others can see them being generous but Jesus has a very sharp eye.  He sees a woman, probably dressed in rags, making her way toward the treasury box.  Her outward appearance already tells everyone around her that she is probably a widow, someone who has to struggle to live, yet she is intent on doing her part.  She drops two small coins (Lk 21:2) into the treasury - did they make a sound as they dropped?

What can we offer to God today?  Perhaps we have little to give, but regardless of how much we may think of its worth, Jesus welcomes our meagre efforts as though they are the greatest of treasures because giving out of our poverty is much more treasured than giving out of our abundance.

Have a great day.

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