Friday, November 10, 2017

His Word Today: Sunrise

Good afternoon everyone.

Have you ever watched a sunrise?  I remember once sitting in the pre-dawn darkness and thinking about how profound the darkness was.  As the first rays of light bathed the sky in the very faintest of colours, I was not even aware - at first - that light was on the horizon.  Ever so slowly, the light increased until the sun came blazing over the horizon.

This is how I sometimes think about God's presence in our lives.  He is always there, guiding our steps, coaxing us ever so gently in the right direction.  Some of us are not even aware of his presence until we get caught trying to fool ourselves into thinking that we can live life according to our own choices.  In today's gospel passage, the manager who got caught was smart enough to correct his errors before he had to account for his mistakes (cf Lk 16:1-7).

Let us pray today for the grace to be aware of the many ways that God guides us through life - ever so gently prompting us to walk in his ways, and tenderly reminding us to be honest with ourselves, with others and with Him.

Have a great weekend.

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