Tuesday, November 28, 2017

His Word Today: Stand still in prayer

Good morning everyone,

It seems to me that both the scripture passages suggested for today's reflection speak about various ways that people sought the approval of others.  In the first reading (Dn 2:31-45), the king is seeking an interpretation for a dream he has had.  The prophet Daniel, who has been granted the gift of interpretation is able to provide the answer, and to translate it into language that can be understood by the king.  In the gospel passage, the people who encounter Jesus are also curious, seeking confirmation that what Jesus says is true (Lk 21:5-6).

Like the individuals mentioned in these stories, there is a part of us too that is curious about what we have heard - either from others or from Jesus.  Is there truth to these words or is what we have heard merely rumour and fodder for good story telling?  Other people can try to give us answers to these questions, but it is only when we are able to kneel in prayer, to stand alone in God's presence and to struggle with the questions that are roused in the holy place where reason meets faith that we will know for sure that what Jesus says is worth listening to.

Pray for the grace today to stand still, even when the storms of this world threaten to shake the faith that has been planted in your heart.

Have a great day.

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