Thursday, November 23, 2017

His Word Today: before it's too late

Good morning everyone,

Last year, I had the wonderful privilege to visit Jerusalem (and a few of the other sites in the Holy Land).  When we arrived in Jerusalem, our first stop was a lookout point that opens onto a panoramic view of the city.  It is breathtaking.

I can't help thinking that this might have been the place where Jesus was standing (or another similar place somewhere on the outskirts of the city) when he uttered the words we hear in today's gospel.

Even back then, Jerusalem was a bustling city, filled with people going and coming in all directions.  It must have looked like utter confusion.  The problem was (and is) that people are so often in a rush to get from one place to another, or to attend to any number of tasks, that we seldom pause to hear Jesus speaking to us.

Let's try today to find even a moment to listen for his voice, otherwise, we too may hear those woeful words: If only today you knew what made for peace ... you might recognize the time of your own visitation (Lk 19:42, 44).

Today, I wish you God's peace.

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