Friday, December 1, 2017

His Word Today: a wor

Good morning everyone,

The gospel passage for today's Mass places us with Jesus at one of the moments when he was trying to teach something very important.  People who were listening would have been well aware of the changes in seasons.  They would have seen buds bursting forth on the trees year after year, and they would have known the joy of knowing that summer is near (Lk 21:30).

It might seem strange for those of us who are used to seeing the changing seasons to grasp the true lesson that Jesus is trying to teach: Even if heaven and earth should pass away, my words will not pass away (Lk 21:33).  This is good news.  The promise that Jesus gives us is meant for eternity.  He offers us the reward of everlasting life, eternal joy ... that will never pass away.

Be attentive today to the glimpses that God gives of the joy that he is preparing for us.  We might see it in the eyes of children, we might see it in the encouragement offered by a friend, we might see it in many different ways.  Treasure these moments and try to imagine what it will be like to be constantly surrounded by such celebration.

Have a great weekend.

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