Wednesday, December 6, 2017

His Word Today: More than we can ask for

Good morning everyone,

The gospel passage proposed for today's meditation is one that is well known to us, yet I wonder if there is something new for us to see this time around. Great crowds came to him bringing with them the blind, the lame, the crippled (cf Mt 15:30). They came with great expectations. Perhaps they had heard of Jesus miraculous power and were hoping that he could cure their friends. What these people did not know was that when you ask God for something, he gives even more than you expected.

Matthew's account of this encounter explains that not only did Jesus cure the sick; he went on to feed the healthy as well (cf Mt 15:32-37). This gives us hope because none of us, even the ones who bring our sick to the Lord in prayer, are fully healthy. We all need the Lord to provide food for our souls, for our hearts, and even for a bodies.

We should pray today for those of our friends, relatives, and all of God's people who are blind, lame, crippled in so many different ways. And we should ask the Lord to surprise us. Because of his boundless generosity, he always wants more for us than we can ask.

Have a great day.

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