Thursday, December 14, 2017

His Word Today: Saint John of the Cross

Good morning everyone,

The temperature in Elliot Lake this morning is -24C but the wind chill makes it feel like -32C!  With temperatures that cold, everything is standing still.  Water that once flowed freely has been turned into ice and snow.  On mornings such as these, I am reminded of the prophet Daniel's hymn of praise to God: Ice and snow, bless the Lord (Dan 3:70).  The ice and snow will stay hard as iron until the temperatures rise again.  This hymn of praise is continually sung to God by His faithful people.  The prophet Isaiah reminds us today that our God will never forsake us; he will open up rivers on bare heights ... He will turn the desert into marshland and the dry ground into springs of water (Is 41:18).

These words of scripture and this understanding of the greatness of God are possible for us thanks to the treasure of our faith tradition which includes the example and writings of great figures such as Saint John of the Cross, whose feast day is observed today.  John was born near Avila (Spain) and became one of the most famous mystics in the Church's history.  Together with Saint Teresa of Jesus (also known as Saint Teresa of Avila), he helped to reform the Carmelite Order and to establish a branch of that Order known as the Discalced Carmelites.

May Saint John of the Cross intercede for us today, to help us look at the world through Jesus' eyes: to see people today with compassion, to recognize their joy and their suffering, and to be courageous enough to do what we can to help them.  Perhaps we too might discover in them the living examples of Jesus' presence among us.

Have a great day.

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