Tuesday, February 5, 2019

His Word Today: Saint Agatha

Good morning everyone,

Today, the Church celebrates the Memorial of Saint Agatha (circa 231-251 A.D.)  We know little about her earthly life, other than the fact that she was from a rich and noble family who lived in Catania (Sicily).  As a young girl, she made a vow of virginity and later rejected amorous advances from the Roman prefect Quintianus.  Her insistence on living, not according to the dictates of human beings but rather according to the call of the Lord earned her a martyr's crown.

The gospel passage proposed for today's meditation presents two other women who also faced perils but triumphed because of the presence of Jesus in their lives (cf Mk 5:21-43): the daughter of Jairus and a woman who had suffered from hemorrhages.  In both cases, the women mentioned in the gospel passage were also in peril, but ended up triumphing because of the faith of others.

The world we live in often turns a blind eye to the humanity some of our brothers and sisters, choosing instead to see them as objects worthy of being set aside, ignored or treated as property.  In contrast to this, Jesus came to show us that each one of us is cherished, precious in the eyes of our God, and because we are precious, we should also cherish all the brothers and sisters who share our journey through earthly life.

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