Friday, February 8, 2019

His Word Today: Maybe

Good morning everyone,

The gospel passage for today's liturgy presents the figure of Herod, the King of Israel (Mk 6:14-16).  The figure of Herod, like his ancestors, spoke immediately to the human heart of his time about the presence of the Romans, about might and power, and yet, the figure of Herod also shows us that there was a level of curiosity in the heart of this man when it came to understanding who John (the Baptist) was.

Many people, even today, put on brave faces in an attempt to convince the people around them that they have life figured out, that everything is under control, yet the very people who portray the essence of calm and control may still have room in their hearts to wonder ... this is the place where Jesus enters into our lives, with the power to change our questioning and doubt into wonder and awe.

Perhaps we too have known this truth in our lives.  Perhaps even now, we still seek answers to our pondering.  If this is the case, perhaps this is the day for us to imitate Herod: choose to believe that Jesus is truly alive and active in our lives.  Ask him to help you to grow in faith and trust that he is always close, ready to help us when we are in need ... and always willing to envelop us in his love.

Have a great day.

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