Wednesday, January 9, 2019

His Word Today: Closeness

Good morning everyone,

After Jesus had fed the crowds, Saint Mark's gospel tells us that he sent his disciples on ahead of him while he took charge of dismissing the crowds.  I wonder what the disciples thought when he told them to go on ahead of him.  After all, they had just witnessed a wonderful moment of joy.  Had they wanted to stay with Jesus, to remain in the moment of celebration?

We are told that when it was evening, the boat (carrying the disciples) was far out on the sea ... Jesus saw that they were tossed about while rowing ... and he came toward them (Mk 6:47-48).  As the sun was setting, the disciples were encountering difficulty on the water.  Even though they may have felt abandoned - having left Jesus on the shore - he came toward them because he knew that they needed his help.

There are times when we too feel as though Jesus is far from us.  At times when we feel most alone, abandoned and left to fend for ourselves, Jesus is actually closer to us than we can imagine.  He always comes to us, especially at times when we are in need.  Today, let us ask him to help us, so that we can always be aware of his presence in our lives.

Have a great day.

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