Sunday, May 18, 2008

Something unique

In this country, the third weekend of May, traditionally referred to as Victoria Day weekend, is the unofficial start of the summer season. Highways and byways are clogged with all manner of automobiles as people burst from the places of hybernation that have kept them confined for the better part of the winter months.

For many, the May long weekend is the official start to the camping and outdoor season, so the pews in some churches may be a little more lightly populated today. Nonetheless, there are people still coming and for this we give thanks. For this reason, we must also continue feeding with a special food that only God can give, to keep our minds focused on the true reason for our existence.

Today is Trinity Sunday. Now the whole idea of the Trinity is something foreign to people of the Jewish faith, and the Muslims would have a thing or two to say about this too. In a world where we're trying to make little steps toward understanding one another and learning to co-exist, any talk of the Trinity runs a risk of driving a wedge, but the fact is that belief in a Trinitarian God (three persons in one God) has always been central to our belief system.

Some may say that I'm taking a leap of faith, but the Church teaches that in Christian marriage, there are three individuals: the bride, the groom and Christ. If faith plays a part in moulding the person we become, then we must believe that Christ is an integral part of any relationships we may cultivate.

Do I dare postulate the possibility that married couples today can be signs to the rest of us of the Trinity alive and well in our midst? Some may argue against this theory, but if we manage to open the door and start the conversation then perhaps the work has been at least begun, and God will bring it to completion.

For more on this subject, check out the text of my homily for this weekend. The podcast people seem to be asleep these days. Since last Sunday, I've been unable to post the audio versions of homilies, but we're working on that glitch. As soon as it's rectified, you'll have more than enough to listen to.

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Anonymous said...

I know Christ is an integral part of our marriage. He has brought so much love into our relationship!