Friday, May 23, 2008

Holistic healing

It's been almost five years since I moved to Sudbury. For many years now, I have heard tell of the Northestern Ontario Cancer Treatment Centre and specifically about the compassion and care with which the staff treat the patients who come from near and far for the latest in treatment regimes.

I've often heard and even remarked that we don't take time to appreciate the treasures we have in our own backyards, unless we either have visitors from out of town, or in the case of the NOCTC, that we know of a person who must avail him-herself of the services there.

Physically, the building is filled with signs of attention to detail. If someone has to enter the doors for treatment, the reality of a diagnosis is enough to cause questions, worry and concern, so the building includes lots of windows, sunlight and even real plants. The staff are extremely knowledgeable but they do their work with a distinct flare for compassion, understanding and just a touch of humor. Patients who are there have enough on their minds. It's important not to ignore the science of the disease, but at the same time, a positive attitude does wonders for the spirit and gives the body unbelievable ability to face the battle.

Young children, teenagers, adults of all ages ... are all present at various times throughout the day at the NOCTC, but the spirit of tenderness, concern and love is also definitely there in abundance. We could all learn great lessons about life by spending a bit of time in a place like that. When you consider the struggles that some others must face on a daily basis, our own struggles take on a whole new meaning, and often pale in comparison, being replaced by a spirit of thankfulness for all that we have been given.

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