Sunday, May 11, 2008

Small words with big meanings

Today is Mother's Day in North America. According to some beliefs, this observance is loosely based on that of Mothering Sunday, observed in Britain and Ireland for at least the past 400 years.

When I was a child, I remember asking my mother what I felt was a deep and philosophical question: 'We know when Mother's Day and Father's Day are observed, but when is children's day?' The answer, with all its characteristic wisdom, came in short order: 'Every day is children's day.' There is deep wisdom in this statement, something I have come to appreciate more and more with every passing year.

No child will ever receive love from another person like he or she will from his or her mother. No one knows us quite the same way as our mothers do. Mothers have an innate sense of anticipating our needs. They will always look out for us, be concerned when we are in trouble, celebrate when we are successful, praise when we have done something wonderful and even cry when we are hurt.

We may have many business associates throughout the years. We may have several friends cross our paths throughout life. We may even be fortunate enough to have a few confidant(e)s, and if we are truly blessed, we may have just one or two truly special friends, with whom we can share every part of ourselves. Even if all this is true, we still will only ever have one mother in life, the one who brought us into life and who nurtures and nourishes us through life.

Pray for mothers today. Celebrate with mothers today. Give thanks for mothers today: for all they have been, all they are and all they will be.

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Anonymous said...

Mothers also do something else that is very special for their children. They pray for their children from the bottom of their hearts, and at times it is a never-ending prayer throughout each day.