Friday, May 25, 2018

His Word Today: No complaints

Good morning everyone,

I returned from Rome last night, bringing with me some wonderful people who I have had the privilege of travelling with, getting to know and sharing some profound moments with for the past two weeks.  Travelling with a group of people, most of whom were unknown to each other at the beginning of our pilgrimage, is not an easy task, but throughout our time together, I was reminded again and again of the fact that beyond the momentary frustrations that can so often happen in life, there was a constant and abiding peace among this group, a joy that we shared because this time together was spent in the company of Jesus and our mother Mary.

Saint James reminds us today that there can often be moments in life that test us, but that we should always remember that we are all on a pilgrimage that will not end until we are home in heaven.  In the meanwhile, he encourages us: Do not complain ... about one another (James 5:9).  Instead strive to be always aware of the peace and joy that the Lord offers us so that we can spend each day in the company of our fellow pilgrims.

Let the light of your faith shine today so that others will see in you the gifts that God has to offer.

Have a great day.

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