Thursday, May 10, 2018

His Word Today: A little while

Good morning everyone,

Jesus uses a very curious phrase in today's gospel passage: A little while (Jn 16:16-20).  In just five verses, Jesus repeats this phrase five times.  Have you ever wondered what God considers to be a little while?

Time is a concept that many human beings understand well.  In this context, the phrase a little while can mean a few minutes or a restricted length of time, but when God uses this phrase, we have to widen our scope in order to grasp his meaning.  After all, God doesn't think in terms of minutes, hours, days or even weeks.  God thinks in terms of lifetimes, centuries and even eons.

With a wider understanding of the concept of time, a little while takes on a new meaning.  God pushes the boundaries of our understanding every day, always gently but constantly, so that bit by bit, our hearts too can grow, our abilities to live and love can increase, our appreciation for the gift of joy can expand.

Have a great day.

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