Friday, July 11, 2008

Crossing the ditch

I would never have believed it just a few days ago, but these Canadian guests have actually brought a great deal of joy to my life. Sparring with them makes me feel just like they're part of the family. Well, after a few days, their visit with us came to an end today. I made sure to knock at their door early this morning - they had to be awake by 2:15 am local time so that they could leave by 3:00 am. Their flight from Auckland left this morning at 7:00 am and it's at least a 2 hour drive from here to the airport. I went back to sleep after I'd made sure they were awake (figured they'd get things sorted out, and besides, at my age, I need to get my sleep).

We received word later today to tell us that they had indeed made the flight this morning and have now crossed the ditch and met up with their Aussie hosts. I can just imagine the fun they will be having with that lot. They say that there is a party being organized tonight with some of their host's friends, and tomorrow they are invited to go to dinner with the extended family.

By Monday morning they will be right into final preparations for the World Youth Day festivities. They have received instructions about picking up their identification and registration packets and I'm sure the week will unfold, filled with all manner of other surprises. I can't wait to hear all about it.

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