Monday, May 13, 2019

His Word Today: Manners

Good morning everyone,

Do you remember a time when people used to teach their children to observe what we called manners?  Manners are behavioural boundaries that are aimed at being polite to others and making life easier for others, but underlying the basics of manners is an understanding that we must be outward looking, concerned for the well-being of others rather than self-centred.

Manners include simple choices that are always focused on respect for others.  In the gospel passage for today's liturgy, we see even Jesus speaking about living life in accord with the manners we have developed.  Jesus says to those who are listening: whoever enters through the gate is the shepherd of the sheep (Jn 10:2).

Entering through the gate implies that we strive every day to live according to the rules that have been laid down.  To do otherwise is to live a lie or to try to cheat our way through life.  In the example that Jesus left us, we see that it is possible to live according to the rules: to enter through the gate, rather than trying to jump the fence. It's not always easy to follow the rules, especially when those around us seem to be cheating their way, or finding all the shortcuts, but it is a wonderful way of showing our respect to the One who wants nothing more than to love us and to reward us with the gift of eternal life.

May Our Blessed Mother, whose feast day we celebrate today - under the title of Our Lady of Fatima - help us to follow God's rules, directions that are provided in love to teach us how to love.

Have a great day.

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