Wednesday, March 13, 2019

His Word Today: Sign

Good morning everyone,

In today's gospel passage, Jesus is surrounded by crowds - as he was so often - and he happened to remark: This generation ... seeks a sign (Lk 11:29).  Were the people skeptical of Jesus?  Were they seeking proof?  Did they even know what they were looking for?  Did they realize who he really was?  What kind of sign would have convinced them?

If Jesus was alive in our day, would we still be seeking signs?  I had a conversation with a group of people recently. We were lamenting how much the current culture seems to have changed - and just in the last few decades.  Less and less of younger generations today seem to be even aware of Jesus, much less do they seem to be interested in developing a personal relationship with Him.  Yet they also seem to be a curious generation, constantly seeking answers, looking for signs.

What about us?  Is there some level at which we too are still looking for signs in order to believe the truth that has already been shared with us: our God has always loved His people (that's us).  Our God has constantly sought opportunities to enter into a personal relationship with each one of us.  Why are we still looking for signs ... instead of celebrating the fact that God loves us?

Have a great day.

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