Tuesday, March 12, 2019

His Word Today: Pray

Good morning everyone,

During this special time of Lent, the Lord is inviting us to come close to him and to open our hearts so that He can speak with us and feed us with his special food.  In human terms, we refer to the process of coming close to God as prayer, and in today's gospel, Jesus teaches us the perfect words that we should use.

The Lord's Prayer begins with words of praise offered to God (cf Mt 6:9) and then presents a hope that God's kingdom may be established (cf Mt 6:10).  We know that we cannot do this without God in our lives, and so Jesus says that we should turn to Him for the nourishment we need (cf Mt 6:11).   Most of all, we must always remember that our God offers us the precious gift of forgiveness (cf Mt 6:12) and will never lead us into any situation that will in turn cause us to be distanced from Him (cf Mt 6:13).

The challenge that this prayer presents is that although we ask for all these gifts, the Lord reminds us that we must also be willing to live these same truths for the sake of our brothers and sisters.

Have a great day.

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