Thursday, March 19, 2009

Preparing for next year ... with the help of the Saints

Next Fall, there will be a special assembly organized by the Synod Office and held in Rome to discuss issues pertaining to the Church in Africa. In preparation for this Assembly, the Holy Father presented the working document (called an Instrumentum laboris) during a meeting with the Bishops of Cameroon today.

Fourteen years after the publication of the Post-synodal document on the Church in Africa, the Holy Father now called today on his brothers in the episcopacy and others who will partake in this meeting, to prepare well for the exchange which will take place next year.
The unveiling of the Instrumentum laboris took place at the conclusion of a publicly celebrated open-air Mass which the Holy Father celebrated, accompanied by the bishops and priests as well as the faithful of Cameroon. This celebration took place in the Amadou Ahidjo stadium in Yaoundé.
During his homily, the Holy Father reflected on the example of Saint Joseph, Husband of Mary, whose Feast day is celebrated today. He called all those present to be people of faith and trust, accepting the duty and role which has been consigned to us by the Lord, looking to him for guidance and assurance in time of trial, but also trusting that he will inspire us to fulfill the tasks entrusted to us with care, love and attention.
These words, spoken to the people of Cameroon, are equally applicable to all of us who strive daily to live lives of faith, to seek the answers that only come with trust and prayer, and to share the values of love and commitment with those entrusted to our care. We model that which we have learned in the school of prayer, at the feet of the saints like Joseph, and his wife Mary.

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