Thursday, March 5, 2009

Making waves

The proverbial 'they' always say that still waters run deep ... and what happens in the depths of some ponds can have catastrophic ramifications for those who find themselves in the midst of the tidal waves that result.

Evidence our neighbours to the south who have been revelling in the new-ness of a President who is revolutionizing almost all parts of the Office that are within his control. This is nothing new, but the effects of these changes are causing at least a little bit of consternation.

The on-line version of the National Catholic Register published an article this week about Mr. Obama's recently-announced choice for the position of Secretary for Health and Human Services, Kathleen Sebelius from Kansas. According to the NCR, Ms. Sebelius (who we are not sure is related to the music composer of the same name) has had a track record which favors pro-choice issues, and this appointment, if confirmed, will give her a great amount of influence when it comes to policies and procedures on the national front.

From a viewpoint a bit removed, all we can do perhaps is watch ... or can we do something else to influence the choice?

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