Monday, September 8, 2008

50 days later

Many innovations were introduced during the recent celebration of World Youth Day in Sydney, Australia including an online community known as XT3 (which stands for Christ in the third millennium). This communication tool is enjoying great success, providing a very efficient way to keep contacts up to date with one another long after the memories of the international festival held down under have begun to fade.

Today, as part of the celebrations of the Feast of Mary's birthday, the Holy Father himself sent a message to all registered users of the XT3 system. The Vatican has long been known for it's advanced knowledge of various communication media, and Benedict XVI is certainly making great strides to keep up with the technological era.

As the Church celebrates major feasts, it is somewhat customary that the 50th day following some of these feasts like Christmas and Easter are marked by other related feasts. Today marks 50 days since the conclusion of the World Youth Day festivities which were held in Sydney in July of this year. The Holy Father's message to youth calls for them to remember the gathering down under, but also asks them to pray for the success of his upcoming travel to France. Here, have a read and see what you think:

Dear Friends,

Fifty days ago we were together for the celebration of Mass.
Today I greet you on the birthday of Mary, Mother of the Church.
Empowered by the Spirit and courageous like Mary, your pilgrimage of faith
fills the Church with life!
Soon I am to visit France.
I ask you all to join me in praying for the young people of France.
May we all be rejuvenated in hope!


Some of the participants in Sydney were only teenagers. Imagine what a boost to their faith it must be to receive a message from the Holy Father, inviting them to pray for other youth who are also seeking truth and guidance in their faith. Cudos to you B16!

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Anonymous said...

That is so neat!!! A little note is worth so much to others. My mom used to look so forward to my boring, boring, letters that I started to mail them every couple of days just so she'd have something to look forward to. I hope B16 knows how important the little communicates are to us.