Wednesday, December 5, 2018

His Word Today: Hope

James Tissot
Jesus heals the blind and the lame on the mountain
Good morning everyone,

During this first week of the Advent season, the scriptures remind us that as we prepare our hearts for the celebration of Christmas, the Lord is already offering us the gift of hope.  Hope is the virtue that is made present when our hearts are encouraged so that we come to believe that something wonderful is being prepared.

Saint Matthew's account of Jesus' encounter with many who were lame, blind, deformed, mute,
and many others (cf Mt 15:30) gives us an opportunity to understand how such encounters were sources of hope for those who otherwise may have lost all hope.  If all of these who had been previously cast aside by their current-day society could have the gift of hope re-ignited in their hearts, perhaps the same can be true for those of our time who find themselves in similar situations.

And lest some of us might think that we are not counted among those who are being offered such precious gifts, Saint Matthew continues with his version of the miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes (cf Mt 15:32-37).  All of us hunger for hope at some level.  Therefore these words are addressed to each one of us, but they also challenge us to open our eyes and to see that we are no better off than others; thankfully, the Lord is aware of our needs and willingly provides for our needs.

Have a great day.

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